Dedicated to heal complex wounds

Our company

Protex Healthcare was established in the United Kingdom in 1999 with the objective of developing advanced, innovative wound dressings, such as the unique concept of VACUTEX™. We focus specifically on a few important factors in the healing process, such as oxygen management in the wound (both superficially and deeper), the management of edema in and around the wound and the control of infections.

In 2015, Protex Healthcare was taken over by Dominiek Viaene, the current CEO, and product development activities were fully restarted to expand and complement the innovative product portfolio.

Our mission is to make a significant contribution to the healing and closing of complex wounds. We have set 3 specific goals for this:

1. Gain more insight and knowledge through objective diagnostics (TIVITA) in the complex healing process of venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot wounds and pressure ulcers. We believe that improved knowledge will lead to faster and objective outcomes of wound healing at a lower cost. Protex Healthcare makes an active contribution to this development through diagnostics based on the TIVITA-camera. This allows various parameters of the wound to be assessed and subsequently to optimize the treatment based on this information.

2. Further development and optimization of products for faster, better and lasting wound healing for all patients with complex wounds in the world. These products must be efficient and user-friendly for professionals in hospitals, nursing homes and home care.

3. Contribute to better wound treatment protocols and ongoing education for wound care, in collaboration with experts worldwide.

Quality is paramount

Protex Healthcare only delivers high quality products, produced in Europe and with CE and ISO 13485 certificates. We follow the latest guidelines from the Medical Device Directives in Europe and the rest of the world.

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